About us

Robert St-John Smith Owner or RSJS Studios

The company came about when former Armourer (with credits including Troy, King Arthur and work for the MOD) Robert St-John Smith created a pair of cufflinks for himself out of used Colt 45 cartridges. This first pair was made were made with a simple hacksaw, a blow torch, a file, some solder and a good old elbow greasing of Brasso.

They attracted a lot of interest and after a week of wearing them, the first orders began to come in. To date, RSJS Studios has made over 500 pairs of cufflinks

Expanding the range out to include other upcycled items, such as bike chains and ball bearings, a loyal customer base began to form. In July of 2012, RSJS Studios produced their first commission for a wedding. Two years on, the range continues to expand with our own designs as well as the continuation of upcycling.

We attribute our success to the fact that after every pair of cufflinks that we make, we review the product and the process and look for ways to improve it - we want to produce the best cufflinks we can.

We source our findings from Birmingham's Jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden in London and Germany’s Pforzheim region, regardless of whether its brass, silver or gold, to ensure we get the best quality. 

You can be assured that you will not find a drop of glue anywhere in our workshop. All cufflinks and other pieces are either silver soldered/brazed or have a cold connection. We do not use any lead based solders. In fact, for quite a few of the cufflinks in the range, we use specialist brazing rods most suited to the metals that we are joining, and naturally silver solder for silver. This gives our pieces an extremely strong bond.

The same goes for tools and consumables. From the simple tools that were used to make that first pair of cufflinks, we now have a dedicated 900 sq ft workshop which includes specialist cutting equipment and cleaning and polishing machines. We can even fuse our own glass. In total, we have over a 300 tools dedicated to making our cufflinks.

Each pair of cufflinks comes with a lifetime no questions asked guarantee. Just send them back and we will replace them. To date, out of the hundred of pairs of cufflinks we have made, only two pairs have ever come back as faulty. >

We are also a member of the National Association of Jewellers and as such, are bound by their terms and conditions.